Q: When is trash day in Oak Ridge?

A: Trash day is on Thursday. If that Thursday is a holiday, then trash will be picked up on the Wednesday before.


Q: What do I need to do with my trash cans after they are emptied?

A: The Covenants are clear that other than trash pick-up day, they are to be out of sight and put back behind the fence line or in the garage. One rule of thumb. If someone can drive by the house and see the trash cans, then they are in violation and need to be moved.


Q: Can I park trailers or commercial vehicles in front of my property?

A: The Covenants state that all boats, RV’s and trailers are to be garaged or out of site, cars and pick up trucks can be parked in the driveway but commercial vehicles are prohibited. No overnight parking in the street is allowed.


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